Rain Dance by Dalit Raij

Solo Piece for Classical Guitar
5,00 €


* Makes changing strings a quick and easy process
* Prevents grooving of the bridge and scratching of guitar body
* More professional looking than tied end knots
* Enhances sound by focusing tension on the end of the bridge
* Made of Galalith, a chemical-free, natural polymer derived from milk

As a teacher of classical or Flamenco guitar, you are often asked to change strings. If you were to do so for every student, it would consume a significant portion of precious class time. Change strings one time on one guitar, and show your students how quick and simple it is to change nylon guitar strings with the String-Tie system from Tenor.

One of the best ways to market the String-Tie system is to rig a display guitar with our product. Let your customers see and hear for themselves how String-Tie improves the look and sound of any classical guitar. Promote the idea that String-Tie saves time and prevents scratches to the guitar body and wear to the top of the bridge."